FM Opera part of nationwide performance in October

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During the month of October, a coalition of opera companies from across the country will be offering a world premiere of an online, streamed opera that has a modern twist to a 14th century pandemic.

FM Opera never thought they would be performing opera in a home and hotel room this fall. But then again, it’s 2020.

“It has been the most incredible experience I have had in my entire career, practically,” said David Hamilton, general director for FM Opera.

For one week, FM Opera worked with Forum Communications’ Click Content Studios to produce its portion of the Decameron Opera Coalition.

10 opera companies from across the country performed and recorded “Tales from a Safer Distance.”

“Can you imagine going through this pandemic with no music, no art, no theater, no plays, not musicals, no nothing?How boring,” Hamilton said.

The Decameron Opera Coalition is the tale of 10 people quarantined in 14th century Italy during the Black Plague.

All of the operas are ten minute shorts. They will stream on Friday nights during the month of October. For $15, viewers can watch all the operas. FM Opera’s segment runs Oct. 16.

“It is very different, we have never done anything on video or online before, and there were moments where, I was like, well, how are we going to pull this off. But our Click Content videographers from Forum Communications were so great, they really helped us along and librettist a Broadway playwright and she wrote the libretto as if it were a screenplay,” Hamilton said.

To get tickets for viewing all the opera performances, visit the FM Opera’s website.