Houston Press – Tales from a Safe Distance at Opera in the Heights: An Unbridled Success

Houston Press

“The Decameron Opera Coalition’s Tales from a Safe Distance features nine regional American opera companies in nine world premieres. Unprecedented. Our own Opera in the Heights presented Donia Jarrar’s Seven Spells in the third episode. (All four programs can be watched with one ticket purchase.)

Tales riffs on Boccaccio’s 14th-century classic novella, The Decameron (1353). In the original, ten residents from Florence flee the city for a country villa during the Black Plague. To pass the time during quarantine they tell stories, much like Chaucer’s Canterbury pilgrims. The medieval resonance parallels our modern dilemma with stunning clarity. In all ways, DOC is an unbridled success – edgy, novel, richly detailed, musically intriguing.”