Tales from a Safe Distance

Tales from a Safe Distance

10 creative teams. 9 companies from across the United States. 4 electric nights of new opera.

Boccaccio’s 14th century masterpiece  “The Decameron”  featured ten characters passing the time while sheltering from a plague by telling one another stories – stories comic, tragic, romantic, sexy, terrifying. The Decameron Opera Coalition has adapted those stories for the modern pandemic era.

“Tales from a Safe Distance” features nine World Premiere one-act operas, and a tenth wrap-around story starring internationally renowned bass-baritone Luca Pisaroni.

Each Friday in October you’ll see and hear a diverse array of voices, sounds, visuals, methods, and messages as dozens of contemporary opera’s most vital artists tell intimate tales of a global moment.

This unprecedented, searingly relevant, nation-wide collaboration is not to be missed.


Tales from a Safe Distance – Weekly Release Schedule:

Episode 1:
Both Gladsome and Grievous – October 9, 2020
“The Happy Hour” (Introduction frame)
“Everything Comes to a Head” (Lyric Opera of the North)
“The Late Walk” (Bare Opera)

Episode 2:
Prompted by Appetite – October 16, 2020
“Dinner 4 3” (Fargo-Moorhead Opera)
“The Roost” (UrbanArias)

Episode 3:
So Noble a Heart – October 23, 2020
“Orsa Ibernata” (Milwaukee Opera Theatre)
“Seven Spells” (Opera in the Heights)
“The Sky Where You Are” (An Opera Theatre)

Episode 4:
The Bolts of Fortune – October 30, 2020
“Sourdough: Rise Up” (Resonance Works)
“Corsair” (Chicago Fringe Opera)
“The Happy Hour” (finale)